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“Check the competence of your Masjid Management !”

“…If we want masajid to play a full and meaningful role in society… change has to start somewhere. This book is a good place to start. The author has given us something to kick-start the discussion, which is long overdue.”

“…The suggestions, concepts and framework the author has presented are based upon Qur’anic verses and Ahadith and encompass good practice from other fields”

Ibrahim Hewitt


“Tremendous Effort”

Durham University Business School
Centre For Islamic Economics and Finance


” The MCB would be pleased to keep copies in its office at Whitechapel, to give to appropriate visitors or make available at its functions.”

Muslim Council of Britain


An enlightening book for all.

This book is given away free of charge (في سبيل اللهfī sabīli llāhi) for the enlightenment of the Muslims in the UK.Al Ihsan Mission (AIM)



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The focus of this book is upon Management of Masjid with a Strategic Approach. The author’s aim is to meet the needs of the readers who want to understand and apply management principles strategically in line with Islam. This book is written in a style easy to read for stakeholders / worshippers as well as those who are trustees, managers, volunteers, academics and professionals. The book is written in 3 sections: General perspective, Practical perspective and Spiritual perspective.

Part 1 General perspective: Introduction, Management in Islam, Maqasid al Shariah, Islamic Strategic Management, Japanese Management and Wisdom of Islamic Principles

Part 2 Practical perspective: UK Masjid Management – Outdated ? Modernising Masjid Management, Waqf, Charity Trust, Masjid Fund Accounting, Shari’ah Issues and Non-Compliance Risks, Charity Reporting and Accounting, Internal Financial Control, Financial Statements of Masjid – Illustrations, Masjid Constitution, SWOT Analysis, Challenges for Muslim Communities living in the UK

Part 3 Spiritual Perspective: Existence of the Creator, Principles of Islam, Major Aspects of Islam, The Khutnah of Hajj-ul-Wida.


The Author:  M Bashir Khatri is an accountancy graduate from Thames Valley University. He has done post graduate studies with Durham University Business School and was awarded Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2008. Later he gained Masters Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF) and Certified Islamic Accounting Professional (CIPA) with AIMS UK. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Management and a Fellow of the Federation of Tax Advisors.