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Construction of Water-wells and Septic Tank (sewage)
 In Jambiani, I was sad to see hotels with swimming pools full of water. The locals just watched helplessly and could do nothing about the water-shortage. I already knew from my Research about the weaknesses and threats the local people faced. I asked Allah (swt) to give me energy to assist these impoverished people and to set an example for others to copy such projects elsewhere in the country where ever they were needed. I decided to go ahead with water-well in the plot of land proposed for Jambiani Education Centre. I received Mr Ali Pandu’s email on 16 May 2015, informing me that the well was completed and it was very rich of water. The next task was digging for the septic tank (sewage) for the Centre and this was confirmed completed on 21 May 2015. Mr Ali Pandu’s email dated 23 December 2015 mentioned about the water shortage in the old sandy village where women had to walk 300 meters to fetch water from the water-well of the proposed Centre. I understood from Mr Ali Pandu that there was already a disused well in that area, constructed in 1950s by a gentleman called Alibhai. There was no need for digging up but cleaning up was required. Instantly, I instructed to go ahead with bringing the old water-well to service and build a water tower holding 2 x 500 litre tanks.  Mr Ali Pandu informed me that the 2nd water-well major work including the building of tower was completed in February 2016. So far the work done in Jambiani and Matemwe is very cost effective. We have used the local labour and these projects are controlled by local community Shura Council headed by Mr Ali Pandu. All the community projects in Jambiani and Matemwe  are financed by my family, Alhamdulillah.

The projects completed to date are as follows :


1st Water-well and waste septic tank completed in the plot of land proposed for Jambiani Education Centre in May 2015

Pik 3

2nd Water-well completed in Jambiani Village in February 2016

 Pictures: Before Renovation
Old water-well abandoned
Alibhai water-well Before
 Pictures: After Renovation
Bringing Old water-well to service
Alibhai water-well After 2

 Bringing Old water-well to service

Alibhai water-well After

3rd Water-well completed in Jambiani Village in December 2017


4th Water Well completed in Matemwe Village in March 2018


5th Water Well completed in Matemwe Village October 2018 


Old fragile classroom in Matemwe village is replaced by brick built classroom in January 2019

Matemwe 2